Time to make your way to the old Sorambulos keeper's place and help them prepare for the holiday.

Disclaimer: This story contains mild suggestive content and balcony/lazer/Cretacean related violence.

Photo by Jan Kopřiva

Note: If you prefer, you can expand the window to fullscreen by clicking the button on the bottom right of the game window after you select "Run Game".



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I rather enjoyed following the story, although the half about Dayna and the half about warpwar days seem to be quite disconnected. It still comes together nicely if you trigger the right ending!

[Spoilers ahead]

Is there essentially three endings - the one where you ask about Patty and Cretaceans, the one where you admit you're Big Digger, and the one where you miss the moment to admit it? Or did I miss something major?

Glad you enjoyed it! I admit the stories are pretty disparate-- partly because I rushed at the end and partly because this seemed like that kind of person that somehow manages to be both meandering and disjointed at the same time.

[Spoilers Ahead]

There are three endings. One where you admit who you are, one where you wait too long, and another that involves asking about Big Digger at the end and consulting the Sarambulus about the great beyond. Regardless, you didn't miss anything major. I was wondering if that ending actually worked, or if there could have been some way to pack in more resonance by hinting at it earlier.

Thank you for engaging with the story and taking the time to comment!

Oh yay, I got suspended in pitch black silence!

I really dig (heh) the "admit you're Big Digger" ending - probably some foreshadowing could improve it, but it still feels like an epic homecoming story to me, where all the disconnected ramblings suddenly come together, and player comes to understand why they are spending the time tidying the Sombreronos of some old man.

Got any other interactive fiction projects I could check out? :)

Glad it worked for you! 

Mind's Edge is my first game / IF . It's available in browser or  app (the app emulates an old console). It's a bit more linear than I would have liked (though I could say the same for this submission), but that's the nature of Jam games haha.

I ran into a dead end that broke it. It was a link shortly after they started talking about sunflower seeds. 

Doh, sorry about that. I accidentally left in a loose end there. It should be fixed now. Thanks for playing and reporting the problem!

No problem! Also, forgive if it's a weird comment, but the spelling of "Sarambulus" had me a little perplexed. It's written in a handful of different ways at different places. I am guessing that it is somewhat intentional as part of the whole surreal experience, but if so, the alternation doesn't make it completely obvious. I would suggest making the spelling change even more to underline that it's on purpose and not a mistake.

Not at all a weird comment! I was experimenting (a.k.a. goofing around) and thought it might be another way to disorient readers in regards to what a Sarambulus is. It sounds like it was sort of successful, but I could amp it up a little--I'll put it in my notes for a post-contest update. Thanks again for more helpful feedback!

I thought the constantly changing spelling was a humorous element to signify the player's utter confusion about what the hell the Sombralunos actually is

That's also totally valid (I wish I was actually that clever)!