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Made for the 2020 7DRL jam.

Note:  v1.11 includes a small typo fix but is otherwise the same as v1.1 (the version submitted for 7DRL)

1) Download and Unzip

2) Run the "Game" file/.exe


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HospiceRL_v1.1_Winx64.zip 33 MB
HospiceRL_v1.1_Linux.zip 31 MB
HospiceRL_v1.1_OSx.zip 31 MB
HospiceRL_v1.11_typo_fix_Winx64.zip 31 MB
HospiceRL_v1.11_typo_fix_OSX64.zip 31 MB
HospiceRL_v1.11_typo_fix_Linux.zip 31 MB


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I liked the implicitness of this game. Emotion descriptions maybe could be even more mysterious. From the other side, would be good to know if the ending I found was the only ending or should I look for more. Maybe yes, looking at the fact that this game has 80 MB ;)

Eldar — I think that Knowledge is [SPOILER!] showing location of one of Deaths.

Infinite loop in level creation happens quite often.

Also — I never saw better minimalistic represantation of death than simple red "7" :)

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Paweł ,

Thank you! I was worried that the hints might be too obvious, but I had the opposite problem in a previous game (Ouroboros, Oubliette) and it made it difficult for players to understand what was going on. I for one like games where mechanics and effects are more implied, so perhaps I'll go back and tweak this.

I'll add the infinite level generation to my list of bugs to check out. I wonder if some parameters need to be sorted out.

I really appreciate the feedback and you taking the time to play! I'll do the same for Res furtiva in the coming days!



You're right on about Knowledge there.

The 80 MB is probably more a result of me using an engine intended for larger purposes on a smaller game. That and I'm not the greeeatest when it comes to optimization. However, there are two endings :) . 

Played it today! I liked the theme of converting emotions into abilities, although it took some time to understand how they work. Spoilers if someone's frustrated:

> Sorrow takes you to the exit, but destroys the last ability you have

> Courage works on enemy right next to you and stops it for 5(?) steps

> Fear teleports you somewhere at the cost of 1 hp

> Desire shows you where the rest place is

> Ignorance shows you where > is

> Joy gives you +1 hp

> Knowledge = ???

Note that only Sorrow uses up an ability, the rest are mutliple-use.

I managed to Accept the death once, but didn't understand why it was - because I finished enough levels? Maybe because I had knowledge on me? Not sure. Is that the ultimate ending? Wish there was more possible endings / storytelling moves there :)

Some bugs / suggestions:

  • The next level generation sometimes goes into infinite loop
  • "You suffer in your shedding ot the flesh" - not sure what "ot" was meant to be.
  • Either I misunderstand something, or enemies' attacks are a bit bugged. I get "Death's cold hand reaches for you" but don't lose hp when I walk into them, and sometimes even they are supposed to attack me (after they skip one turn, that is).
  • The "Death's cold hand" text doesn't get cleared when you press Courage, and they overlay like this:
  • Not a big thing, but having to press 1 to continue is a bit tedious. I often brought up the help menu just to check a description of an ability quickly, and would prefer to use the same key to hide it back again. Also, I'm not sure if other roguelikes actually require you to press shift+/ for ?, but this extra shift feels unnecessary - that is, I'd prefer to just have to press /.

Wow! Thanks so much for taking the time to play and for the awesome tips! 

The "ot' should be "of". I always manage to fit one typo in no matter how little text I have :) 

The "Death's cold hand reaches out for you." is more of a warning than an alert. It's telling you that if you are in a death-adjacent square on the next turn, you will lose health. I thought it would be more fair for the player that way, but I definitely need a better way to communicate it.

I'll take a look at fixing that "courage" / message overlap as well.

I think you can press any of the direction keys to exit out of the help menu, but I forgot to mention it in the menu itself. Regardless, your suggestion to get rid of the "shift" key makes total sense-- I'll change that in the next update as well.

Spoiler about winning:

Once you have five memories, it's possible to get the "acceptance" ending.

Again, I really appreciate the great feedback! I'll do the same for Wizard Chess soon-- it looks like it's right in my wheelhouse of strategy/roguelike hybrids!